All Offers Aren’t Created Equal

    Our market here in the Charlotte Metro Area is very competitive due mainly to the lack of inventory (homes for sale).  In order to put our best foot forward we make sure we present a comprehensive ‘offer to purchase’ package that is professional, clean, neat and thorough. This is where your diligence to get a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender will set you apart from the competition and our experience in handling multiple offers really shines.

    Think about it:  seller and listing agents are not only concerned about the offer price, but whether or not the buyer has the ability to purchase and the buyer’s agent has the experience to make the deal happen!  If we can communicate these points to the seller and listing agent in a cogent, professional manner, then our offer stands out above the crowd.

    We cross every “T” and dot every “I” to make sure the listing agent knows that we know our stuff.  That means we’ve thought through our offer and have advised you in the most prudent aspects of getting your offer accepted.

    Due Diligence Fee really matters on an offer.  The more skin you have in the deal, the more the seller and listing agent know you’re serious about following through with the offer to purchase.

    Earnest Money Deposit doesn’t mean as much as it used to because of the Due Diligence Fee, but don’t let it fool you… we need to put at least 1% of the purchase price towards the Earnest Money Deposit.

    Due Diligence Period needs to be as short and sweet as we can make it and still get all our due diligence items covered… this due diligence period can vary from 2-4 weeks, but we usually recommend 21 days from contract acceptance for a reasonable due diligence period.

    Closing Cost Help is a no-no in a competitive situation.  When you ask for closing cost help you’re screaming that you don’t have any money and that you’re a weak buyer.  If you do need closing cost help our strategy changes just a bit, but we’ll get it done nonetheless.