Am I Buying a Good Home?

    We recommend at a minimum you do a home and termite inspection.

    Additional inspections you may choose to do during your due diligence period would include:

    • Survey
    • Radon
    • Septic (if no public sewer is used for waste)
    • Well Inspection (if property’s water source is a well)
    • Structural Inspection by a licensed Structural Engineer
    • HVAC Inspection to ensure proper function and determine life expectancy
    • Plumbing Inspection
    • Electrical Inspection

    We usually recommend performing your home inspection as quickly as possible to determine if there are any latent material facts about the home that would keep you from purchasing the home.  While we attempt to determine the basic suitability of the home during our first and second showings of the property prior to making an offer, a home inspection is performed by a professional who makes a living at inspecting properties for potential problems.  Don’t expect the home inspector to find everything… some things just can’t be seen behind piles of boxes or behind sheet rock but home inspectors will see things that we would never observe because of their experience.

    The goal of the home inspection is to have a clear picture of what you’re buying and a basic knowledge of what future maintenance needs to take place.