Before You Look…

Many buyers under-estimate the importance of getting a pre-qualification/pre-approval letter from a lender before you begin your search or submit an offer to purchase. All offers to purchase do require a pre-qualification letter to be submitted with an offer. If you need a recommendation for a lender we’d be happy to give you some names.

The lender you choose is very important to the listing agent that will be reviewing your offer. In a competitive market it may determine whether your offer gets accepted. We have partnered with lenders who we trust and who will put your needs first… you can reach one of them here. We’d be glad to talk through a game plan with you so we can be as competitive as possible in this market.

If you are paying cash for your purchase you need to be prepared to submit supporting evidence that you are able to follow through with the purchase of the property at the time of offer. This supporting evidence is commonly referred to as “Proof of Funds”.