Nathan D.

    I’m so grateful for the hard work, diligence, and steady hand of my incredible realtor, Brian Madeira of Odell Realty. In this absolutely insane real estate market it’s very difficult to find a good house that checks all the boxes, but Brian was on top of it. Together we found a gorgeous 3-bedroom Craftsman style in Huntersville that was absolutely perfect for me. It was only through his experience and skill that I was able to close on this home, and I’m thrilled to have called him my advisor and friend throughout the entire process. The seller remarked that it was because of my “clean offer” that they accepted my bid, and that’s all thanks to Brian’s expert handling of every part of the process, advising me on how to navigate each aspect. I highly recommend Brian and the entire team at Odell Realty, and look forward to working with them on my upcoming investment property allocations!