• Estimating Closing Costs

    Estimating Closing Costs

    Now we’re getting to the nitty gritty.  Your lender will give you estimates in regards to your closing costs and down payment but there is some cash outlay between the date of your accepted offer and closing.  Expect to budget for the following items: Due Diligence Fee. The Offer to Purchase and Contract includes a… Read More »Estimating Closing Costs

  • All Offers Aren’t Created Equal

    All Offers Aren’t Created Equal

    Our market here in the Charlotte Metro Area is very competitive due mainly to the lack of inventory (homes for sale).  In order to put our best foot forward we make sure we present a comprehensive ‘offer to purchase’ package that is professional, clean, neat and thorough. This is where your diligence to get a… Read More »All Offers Aren’t Created Equal

  • Am I Buying a Good Home?

    Am I Buying a Good Home?

    We recommend at a minimum you do a home and termite inspection. Additional inspections you may choose to do during your due diligence period would include: Survey Radon Septic (if no public sewer is used for waste) Well Inspection (if property’s water source is a well) Structural Inspection by a licensed Structural Engineer HVAC Inspection to ensure… Read More »Am I Buying a Good Home?

  • Before You Look…

    Before You Look…

    Many buyers under-estimate the importance of getting a pre-qualification/pre-approval letter from a lender before you begin your search or submit an offer to purchase. All offers to purchase do require a pre-qualification letter to be submitted with an offer. If you need a recommendation for a lender we’d be happy to give you some names.… Read More »Before You Look…

  • How to Sell Your Home

    How to Sell Your Home

    We walked through a recent listing and shared our thoughts on what made this home a great value and why it should sell quickly and for top dollar. Included is a video with a few of our thoughts! Read More »How to Sell Your Home

  • Do I need an Attorney?

    Do I need an Attorney?

    We get questions from our clients about what role real estate attorneys play in real estate transactions here in North Carolina… especially from clients who move here from out of state. North Carolina is an Attorney State as opposed to a Title State when it comes to closing a real estate transaction… which means in… Read More »Do I need an Attorney?